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Chess Federation of Uzbekistan (1992) Zone 3.4
Address Uzbekistans st., 98A, Tashkent, Uzbekistan 1351666858 uzb uzbekistan
Phone (+998-71) 2411544 / 2411200
Fax (+998-71) 2413501
Email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Uzbekistan Chess Federation was founded in March 1996. It is a member of Asian Chess Federation (Zone 3.4).

The top-rated Uzbekistanian chess player Rustam Kasimdzhanov is well-known for winning the FIDE World Chess Championship 2004. He is a Co-Chairman of Uzbekistan Chess Federation.

Current Zone 3.4 President Mr. Husan Turdialiev is also a Co-Chairman & Delegate of Uzbekistan Chess Federation, International Arbiter, International Organizer and FIDE Instructor.

Organizing Committee:
Husan Turdialiev - Chief Arbiter
Olga Sabirova - Executive Director of Uzbekistan Chess Federation
Abdukahhar Abduhalikov - Tournament Arbiter
Gulbahor Musaeva - Accountant of Uzbekistan Chess Federation
Rustamzhon Mamatkulov - Governor of the Tournament
Tahmina Turdialieva - Tournament Arbiter
Irina Gevorgyan - Tournament Arbiter
Eldar Gafurov - Deputy Chairman of Uzbekistan Chess Federation
Bahodir Umurzakov - Deputy Chairman  of Uzbekistan Chess Federation

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