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Free day activities
restday1 072 WGPTashkent2013On Sunday, September 22nd, players enjoyed the first free day. But the most enthusiastic participants preferred to go for a fascinating trip to the Old Town. Olga Girya, Alexandra Kosteniuk, Antoaneta Stefanova, Kateryna Lagno, Elina Danielian and Guliskhan Nakhbayeva together with the commentator Evgenij Miroshnichenko have visited the Museum of Applied Arts for its beautifully hand-crafted exhibits, stopped at the old food and clothes market "Chor-Su" looking for some local souvenirs and delicious, "brain-fuelling" Uzbek fruits and almonds, and those who still desired for more proceeded to the Centre of Muslim Clergy to see the gorgeous Khast Imam Mosque.

A plenty of pictures is available here.

restday1 002 WGPTashkent2013Antoaneta Stefanova and Guliskhan Nakhbayeva are checking the quality of local products

restday1 006 WGPTashkent2013
The exhibitor details the history of each hand-made piece of art

restday1 018 WGPTashkent2013
These small sculptures each describes the parts the Uzbeks' lives such as cooking Uzbek "plov",
raising children, riding a horse, singing national songs.

restday1 021 WGPTashkent2013
Amazing pieces of the decor all made by Uzbek hand-crafters

restday1 024 WGPTashkent2013
Players observing the ceiling, which is...

restday1 026 WGPTashkent2013
...just WOW!

restday1 038 WGPTashkent2013
And, of course, each museum must have chess! Alexandra Kosteniuk and Olga Girya just found one.

restday1 039 WGPTashkent2013
Do you aready wonder how much it can cost?

restday1 043 WGPTashkent2013
Part of a national Uzbek dress, "tiubeteyka", also can be truly a masterpiece

restday1 045 WGPTashkent2013
Elina Danielian and Kateryna Lagno posing in the museum's souvenir shop

restday1 046 WGPTashkent2013
Here you can find your own chess set at an affordable price

restday1 060 WGPTashkent2013

restday1 050 WGPTashkent2013     restday1 049 WGPTashkent2013
Coffee-break before the next stop: Antoaneta and Alexandra are in a great mood

restday1 053 WGPTashkent2013
Olga Girya, Kateryna Lagno and Elina Danielian are about to get their drinks

restday1 085 WGPTashkent2013
The spirit of the Great Silk Road: Tashkent bazar Chor-Su

restday1 064 WGPTashkent2013
Local souvenirs

restday1 071 WGPTashkent2013
Elina Danielian seeking for a nice "kaftan"

restday1 078 WGPTashkent2013
The local food leaves nobody indifferent

restday1 080 WGPTashkent2013
Nuts are the well-known charger for the memory

restday1 079 WGPTashkent2013
And fruits - the energy for a long game!

restday1 088 WGPTashkent2013
And, finally, Khast Imam Mosque!

restday1 098 WGPTashkent2013
While the other players couldn't stay on feet anymore, Russians are still hungry for more.

restday1 093 WGPTashkent2013
To bargue for some treasures...

restday1 095 WGPTashkent2013 well as to keek behind the curtains.

restday1 102 WGPTashkent2013
Meanwhile the day insensibly went to its culmination,
and we are going back to the hotel full of expectations from the new round...

To be continued...

Photos and report by WFM Maria Emelianova

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