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Interview with Husan Turdialiev
By WFM Maria Emelianova

r8 001 WGPTashkent2013 - Dear Husan Hudaykulovich, congratulations on organising such a great tournament! All players are happy with the hall, hotel and organisation in general. Since this is the second Grand Prix event being held in Tashkent, please share your experience on organising such tournaments.

- On the World Cup in Tromso I had conversations with three of the participants of the Men's Grand Prix, which we organised last year: Mamedyarov, Gelfand and Karjakin, and they all assured me that conditions in Tashkent were the best among all the stages of this season so far. This time we tried to make the tournament even better so we made a special place for the spectators, where they can see live video from the playing hall, listen to commentaries and see all the games, so the players are separated from the media and nothing is disturbing their playing. 

Although we only experienced the problem with the flights to Tashkent, as now the weather here is very pleasant, and we have many tourists, so sometimes it was not easy to find tickets for the participants.

Annually we have FIDE Seminars organised in one of the countries of our Zone: Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan and Afghanistan. Ashot Vardapetian helps us to teach the arbiters to get International Arbiters title. Last time such seminar was in Osh. Next time it will be in Bukhara. Now we have the biggest number of the titled arbiters in Uzbekistan, and planning to have even more in the future.

- You can also be proud of the results of Uzbek players...

- Of course. Rustam Kasymdjanov won the Asian Games in Guangzhou, female team took second after beating the Indian team. Our youngest players also have very good performance on the international arena, for example Nodirbek Abdusattorov won U-8 World Championship in 2012.

We have quite a big population in Uzbekistan. Our climate is more comfortable than in our neighbour countries, that's why many players like to come to Tashkent as well as the coaches.

- Besides being the organiser here, you are also a Chief Arbiter here, and already long time work as an arbiter in a lot of different events. Which one did you like the most?

I like many of the events, but my favourite is the Asian Games, because they have the best conditions for arbiters and they give a special uniform for us. And for my opinion it is the most entertaining event.

- How do you manage to combine so many positions: besides being International Arbiter and Organiser you are also a Zonal President and Co-Chairman of the Uzbek Chess Federation! You must give all your time to chess.
r7 035 WGPTashkent2013 - Yes, I love chess very much from the childhood. I learned to play from school as we had some facultative lessons. Although I never became a professional player, but still I like to play with my friends. I think this gives me so much energy for work. And my daughter shares this passion with me. She already became a FIDE Arbiter.

- Do you have any plans to organise more events in Uzbekistan?

- We are going to organise Asian Youth Championships under 8-12 years in Tashkent next June. Annually we have the Agzamov Memorial in favour of the first GM of Uzbekistan. We have many international players participating in this tournament, usually around 30 grandmasters come to play there. 

- But I believe the main goal for any organiser is to host the Olympiad?

- Yes, of course I want to organise it! But we are not ready yet. At the mean time Uzbekistan is preparing another important events, seminars, we are learning from the other countries. We want to have more titled arbiters, strong players so the country will be readyto show to the chess world who we are. And the Olympiad is just a matter of time.

- Will the government support this idea?

- We have a strong support from the President, Olympic Committee and another organs. We highly appreciate how much Fund Forum is supporting us, I am very greateful to Gulnara Karimova. Each international event in our country is sponsored by the government. Asian Championships and World Championships always have the main budget given by the Ministry Sports and Culture.
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